Light Gray Pocket

Light Gray Pocket

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Body Bandit is 100% handmade in Sonora, CA. This Product can be worn multiple ways on the body allowing you to be active in your daily life. Body bandit is great for the outdoors such as hiking, fishing, kayaking, and boating. You can wear your Bandit while dancing and going out with your friends. This will allow you to keep your items safe and secure while enjoying your day/night. The Bandit is great while riding your Motorcycle, keeping your items close to you on a beautiful ride. Band yourself when wearing that cute cocktail dress, prom dress, or even your wedding dress. This pouch allows you to conceal your items. Body Bandit can be used to keep your diabetes testing kits or Epi-pen on you while enjoying your day. Working out at the gym? Your Body Bandit will comfortably hold your phone and car keys while you are enjoying a jog on the treadmill.


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Body Bandit is fashionable, functional, and a high-quality bag that can be worn multiple ways. Bandit, belt it, hook it, strap it! With the convince of a hands-free bag that's flesh to the body keeping your important items safe while enjoying all that life offers!
The Body Bandit helps you keep your things close while enjoying a ride on your bike, a jog, or a hike. With Body Bandit you can keep your phone, house key and other accessories close.
Going out with friends the body bandit allows you to dance and socialize with your friends not having to worry about who is watching your purse.
Band yourself when enjoying motorcycle ride, eliminating the bulky backpack. People who carry medical aids, such as a diabetes testing kit or epi-pen for example, can have these items with them during extracurricular actives. Also, the Body Bandit allows seniors and other individuals with special needs to keep their important items close allowing them to be hands-free. This can help them tremendously when they are in the community, shopping, or participating in actives. Our band is nonslip that allows you to wear it with any material as well as on your skin so the Body Bandit can be worn for most actives.
When you're out and about, don't forget your Body Bandit!