Our female owned and operated business knows the importance of being “on the go,” and we have created a product that is both versatile and realistic for the woman that does it all.  Whether you are picking up the kids from football or going out for a night with the girls, the Body Bandit allows you the freedom to walk, run and dance with ease.  This bag can be placed on your leg, arm, boot or belt and allows you hands free, secure movement.  This stylish little bag holds all of the necessities and can be worn under or over clothing.  The Body Bandit can be customized to fit your needs and is so adaptable and comfortable you won’t even remember you have it on!

So welcome and enjoy!


The creator

of the Body Bandit Erin Long came up with the idea for the product after spending the weekend in Reno for a friend’s bachelorette party. Every girl in the group had to take turns watching the pile of purses while the rest of the party got to dance and celebrate. Obviously this caused a downer on the night. So Erin went home that Sunday and put her thoughts and ideas to plan. After about 20 different prototypes, she is now ready to share with the world her product… The Body Bandit.